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Top 3 Tips For Starting Witchcraft

Top 3 Tips For Starting Witchcraft

Many people have always given themselves to magical practice alone or instructed by masters, some with great results and some with little or no practical implications.

Why this?

Because the Magic belongs to everyone but it is not for everyone.

I'll explain.

Even if everyone has the same desire or the same possibility to be interested in Magic, a spark is still needed, a quid that leads the practitioner to have real power.

You can read three thousand books on how to paint a picture but only those with talent will be able to really paint a work of art and not smudge a canvas.

Having said that what is this mysterious quid?

Defining it is difficult and fraught with dangers. Each of us has its own essence, those who practice magic are unique, in their own right. Each wizard and sorceress is different from the other but all and I mean all have in common an eclectic personality, an innate curiosity for all that is mysterious, unfathomable, forbidden. Everyone has their own ways of seeing the world and living it.

A narrow-minded, conformist and conformed person who cannot look beyond their own backyard can never be a Magus. What characterizes a person inclined to Magic is therefore a strong personality, their own modus vivendi (which does not necessarily have to go beyond social rules, never legal ones), a marked intelligence and an innate curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

Only those who thirst for knowledge can go beyond the mist of the unknown and delve into esoteric knowledge. Those who are afraid of the dark, even of their own inner darkness, change direction because the Magic first of all leads to knowing oneself.

To explore oneself and to ask oneself how far one is ready to push oneself in order to know or until one is ready to descend into oneself in order to understand.

It is no coincidence that a cornerstone of Magic says: know yourself.

Those who do not want to study, practice, take responsibility for what they do first of all with themselves, alas, will never be able to walk alongside the Gods.

But whoever will have the will, courage and perseverance and with commitment will begin the journey without giving up difficulties, then he will have opened up the path of knowledge and inner evolution before him.

But how to start?

First of all, analyise yourself. Is it a real interest or a sudden, short-lived motion? As children, did we already have these stimuli towards the unknown? Were there already those in your family who practiced magic or were they interested in esotericism? If the answer to these questions is yes then you are well under way.

If, on the other hand, the answer is no, do not worry, this does not exclude you from dealing with esotericism with satisfaction.

Whether you already have a magical trail that follows you as a child or you are only now awakening to your magical side, the beginning is always one for everyone.

Read, study, understand well what you are going to touch and the energies with which you are going to interface. Many of you, those who have magic in their blood, reading the books will have an amazing sense of dejàvu, that is, it will seem like something they have always known and felt within themselves.

Reading they will exclaim: "but I have always known / thought / felt this thing!".

This is possible because the Magic is already present in you and you just have to bring it out in a conscious and organized way.

After a very serious phase of study, when you feel ready and sure of what you are going to do then you will do your first practices and then from there, always combining practice and study in a dynamic and balanced duo, slowly you will grow together with the magical practice. .

Magic is a vast world of which you know the beginning but not the end, the only certainty is that once you start the journey you never stop walking because the more you learn, the more the desire to know and do grows. .

Good start for newbies and good way for veterans.

Welcome Travelers on the path of the Spiritual Path towards Your Evolution. May the Gods be with you.

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