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How to become a witch!

How to become a witch!

Witchcraft (the big umbrella that encompasses Wicca, paganism) at it's core, is the belief in the power of nature and that everything is connected by a web of energy.

It's about honoring the earth & the moon cycles and all living things, plus being the best version or yourself. It is the belief that everything shares this same energy or life force.

Some of the beliefs and rules most wiccans have in common


Though there's no official process to become Wiccan, it's important that you at least see eye-to-eye on the main system of beliefs.

Other than the practice of Magick and adopting the belief system, there's nothing you really have to do to become Wiccan. Of course there are formal dedication rituals you can perform to solidify things in your mind but you can become Wiccan today by starting the study and practice of it.

The energy of the universe is the only energy/life force and it connects everything. There is no room in Wicca or witch craft for adversely effecting anyone else through spells or other actions.

 It's all about cultivating and releasing positive energy and taking great care not to accidentally hurt someone else as a by-product of your spells.

 Yes, there are deities but they are all a product of the energy of the universe too, and it is this energy that powers Magick.

 Magick is real. 

Believe that changing your future is as simple as changing your thoughts, emotions, and actions. If these beliefs line up with your true self,  if you feel a mystical connection with the world around you, and have always had a curiosity about Magick, and what is possible then now is time to educate yourself.


To start you on your journey we recommend you read witchy literature

Among the classics, we recommend to read: The Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, and The Green Witch by Airn Murphy-Hiscock as they are informative and perfect for beginners on their with magick




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