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Top 3 myths and misconceptions about witchcraft

Top 3 myths and misconceptions about witchcraft

Let’s learn all we need to know about myths and misconceptions about witchcraft.

1. I can't practice because I don't have the tools.

This is a phrase that can only limit one's "beautiful curves of the brain". We set ourselves limits or obstacles that don't really exist. As our sisters in ancient times made do with what they had available we can do the same thing too. The Athame could become a letter opener or a normal kitchen knife, the Cauldron a tea pot covered with tinfoil, the wand we can build by ourselves or by finding it on the ground and decorating it or making friends with a tree and after several months get in touch with him until we feel that he can give us a piece of himself for our practice and so I can continue. Know that tools created with your own hands have much more energy than purchased ones. Moreover, even if we do not have the "cool" tools this does not mean that we must feel unable not to practice: we make do as we can and believe me, very often the tools are always next to us and we do not notice it.

2. You become witches

I take the liberty of making a somewhat similar risk but it is to make you understand. I have always thought that understanding being a witch is a bit like a boy or a girl who discovers they are homosexuals. Some have always known this since they were children, while others still discover it when they are older and, in some cases, even as adults! In my opinion the same thing happens for religion and for spirituality. In my case I was tied to Christianity even though I felt it "tight" because I didn't know that there could be another religion that I would have felt suitable for me. Over time, we may find that our birth religion is not the one for us. We can know immediately, perceiving something that "does not suit us" or we discover it when we are older but this does not mean that "we become witches". It is a broader and more delicate speech. In case we discover the fact of being a witch but being a thing that is part of us, of our Being exists and will exist always and forever. It is simply up to us to find out and work hard to have "proof" of this new and beautiful reality

To become a witch you have to recite the Our Father in reverse. 
I have always wanted to believe in a "world of the Gods", a bit like Plato's World of Ideas, in which all the most different or most similar divinities could coexist for the good of human beings and all creatures on Earth and this thought of mine has never involved the rivalry between divinities. Which God would want this?
A person does not become a Witch in this simple and - I must say - so lowly way. Personally, I can't stand pagan and / or neo-pagan people who go against Christianity and who don't even want to enter a church if, for example, their cousin has to get married despite the latter keeping in their presence for such an important day. Often, to draw attention to oneself, only suffering is created in the souls of the other people around us and maybe we don't even realize it. This is why I love the saying "Live and let live" very much.

3. The rituals have no effect if they are not pronounced in Latin or in another language of the time.

Very wrong !!! By now I see Magic as a form of concrete energy that makes itself felt, that makes itself perceived, not as an abstract form that sometimes makes itself "seen" and other times not. When we within a Circle (but also outside: the mind is something super powerful and we often forget that it is the main tool in Magic) we pronounce something we go to touch, even if we may not realize it, of subtle energies and then at a later time the Universe will also be able to respond to us. To do Magic we must be clear, frank, sincere with ourselves, aware of what we want and what we want. If we say something in a language that is not ours, thoughts other than our original intent can also accumulate. We may also have the doubt of "well, who knows if so, said in another language, the spell will work?". This dubious question is the one-way ticket for the spell to fail! Instead, we must be sure of what we want and that our intent can be achieved. Using a language that is not ours is dangerous for our spells. Sure, it can be "cool" but remember that the simpler things are in Magic the more they will have their effect

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