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The Ultimate guide to candle magic!

The Ultimate guide to candle magic!

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell and as such requires no special rituals or ceremonial tools. All you need is a candle, some fire to light it with and a well-defined intention.

The Magic of Candles

Think about how many times you made a wish before blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. The same magical principles apply to candle magic:

  1. Define a goal.
  2. View the final result.
  3. Set an intention

The magic of candles is guided by the Fire element, which represents transformation.

The magic of candles is guided by the Fire element, which represents transformation. Fire changes everything it interacts with, turning it into something new. It can turn a sheet into ash or boil water to prepare an infusion.

This transformative energy is what you channel through your candle, with the purpose of encouraging the changes you desire in your life.

The choice of colour and correspondences

A lit candle allows you to channel the energy needed to achieve your goals. To this end, the choice of colours and matches you use is very important. 

White: The universal colour that encompasses all shades in a balanced and harmonious way. It represents the highest spirituality and feminine energy in its highest form. Enlightenment, peace, purity, protection and sincerity. In many pagan traditions it is acceptable to use a white candle in the absence of any other colour. 

Red: The colour of passionate love, strength, courage and sexual power. It emits effective vibrations in analogy with vital energies, ignites passions and protects against negativity. 

Pink: The colour that favours love, altruism and psychophysical completeness. Pink is indicated for purposes of spiritual healing, emotional stability and well-being. 

Orange: Symbolizes life force, enthusiasm, friendship and business success. This colour evokes values ​​such as self-confidence, courage and energy. 

Yellow: Stimulates intellectual activities, creativity and imagination. Suitable for invoking protection, success and charm. 

Green: The colour of Nature, represents harmony, abundance and prosperity. The colour indicated for any activity that needs improvement and positive development. 

Blue: Promotes communication and inner peace, stimulates the spirit, creativity, calm and patience. Drive away evil and invoke luck. 

Purple: The colour associated with spirituality and magic. It embodies ambition, power and self-confidence. Related to meditation and divination. 

Black: Used for protection and to increase defenses. Indicated for personal and room purification. 

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If you prefer, according to your intent you can use candles dedicated to balancing the energy of the Seven Chakras, or choose Planetary Candles to work with astrological correspondences. 
Define the intention: the words will be your magic wand .

Take a moment to clear your mind. What do you want to manifest in your life? Make it clear within yourself. Focus on the goal you want to pursue and visualize yourself as you reach it. 

Formulate your intention in a positive sense and try to contain it in a clear and powerful sentence. Once you have defined your intent, write it on a piece of paper that you can keep under or near your candle for the duration of the ritual. 

It's important to remember that magic doesn't have to be about manipulation. We advise you to focus on yourself and not to cast a spell on someone or force someone to do something against their will.

Follow moon phases 

The phases of the moon play a fundamental role in the success of spells. The phases of the moon play a fundamental role in the success of spells. 

The Crescent Moon propitiates all the "approach" rituals and, more generally, everything related to the concept of attraction. 

The Full Moon is suitable for all kinds of magical rituals, especially those dedicated to luck and protection. 

The Waning Moon favours all the rituals of "removal" and everything related to the concept of repulsion. 

The New Moon brings the energy suitable for all spells related to the concept of renewal and rebirth. 

Bring your spell to life! 

Now that you have defined the intent, chosen the right candle and the energy of the Moon is favourable to you, you can give life to your spell!

Place the paper with your intentions under the candle and as you light the wick visualize yourself at the goal. 

To extend the spell over time, you can decide to light the candle for a few hours every day, or you can let it burn completely at once. 

When the candle is consumed, you can burn the paper on the flame, thanking the Universe for listening to your words. Remember, you should always use a new candle for each spell.

According to some magical traditions, a lit candle collects the vibrations that surround it. If a used candle is already contaminated it will lead to a negative or ineffective magical result.


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