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How to make your own moon water

How to make your own moon water

In practical terms, moon water is nothing more than simple water left in the light of the moon, thus having time to "absorb" its power. This practice dates back to at least 1800, even if the sources on the matter are discordant, and has its origin, as mentioned, in witchcraft. Let's see in more detail.

Moon water can be obtained during any phase of the moon, but the best remains during the full moon. One thing remains important to remember: never do it during an eclipse. The shadows created by the moon, in fact, risk releasing the energies rather than holding them back. 

Moon water: how to do it?

As for the function of moon water, it has great energy and can be used to clean the house and body. But let's see the preparation phases together. 

1. Choose a container and fill it with water 
The best container is a glass jar to be filled with water, preferably rainwater. If you intend to drink it, make sure it is drinkable (of course). And if you have a very specific intent to "ask" the moon, you can choose a container that is more akin to the purpose you want to achieve. Lastly, close the container with a lid, which will help keep the water clean. The effect of the moon will reach her anyway. 

2. Place the container in direct light 
Find a suitable place for your water. Whether it's the windowsill, the patio, the important thing is that it is exposed to direct moonlight. 

3. Say a prayer 
Take the time you need to be clear about what you want to do with your water. A particular: check in which zodiacal phase the moon is, in order to work with the correct moon cycle. The energies will be stronger and more useful for the purpose. For example, if your ritual is about love, a full moon in Taurus or Libra will be useful. 

4. Add some crystals 
A further help can be the use of special crystals, to be placed over the lid of the container. The best, according to Quinn and Bowles, are selenite, quartz and moonstone. They will be the best vehicle for releasing energy.5. Leave to stand overnight

Moon water: how to use it?

"Moon water is very versatile, and it is a way to alchemize energy" are the words of Quinn and Bowles. Consequently, the ways to use it are manifold.

1. Clean the house 
You can add your moon water to your cleaners to clean your home. It will also help renew the energies of each room. 

2. Water the plants 
It can also be useful for our plants to be watered every now and then with a little moon water. It will revitalize their energies. 

3. For a bath 
We can use our water by adding it to a hot bath. The connection with the moon energy will increase. 

4. In tea 
The next time we boil water to make tea, we can add a little moon water. It will align our energies with those of the moon. 

5. To clean the windows 
Moon water can be useful for recharging our crystals, but not all: some may not work properly in contact with water. We can rest assured with some varieties of quartz, amethyst, moonstone and agate.

In short, the uses of something as simple as moon water are manifold, if its advantages are well known. It is not about witchcraft or magic, but pure and simple energy, even for those who do not believe in these kinds of things.


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