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How Smell Affect Dreams

How Smell Affect Dreams

We care about smelling good so that we feel good. We make our house smell good through indoor plantations, air fresheners, scented candles, and whatnot. While we even care for our cars to smell good so that it makes a great impact not only on ourselves but also great for a healthy environment. Living in reality, in this world, smelling good is essential.

But how about when we drift into a new reality?  The world of dreams!

We all dream. But does smell has any link and any impact on our dreams?

Well, it might be an old perception that a bedroom having a good smell might lead to sweet dreams while a stinky room causes bad dreams.  Does it work? Or it's just a myth?

A scent can readily identify a specific an event, emotion, or an individual. Can specific scents or smells be they good or bad can change the type of your dream?

According to some German researchers, through experimentation, people sleeping after smelling rotten eggs had a negative experience of dreams while the other group of people who smelled roses before sleeping woke up with a quite pleasant and positive experience of dreams.

Previously we have seen that smell has a great impact on our emotions, moods, behaviour, and even health, that's when we are awake. However, if smell can affect us in a variety of ways while we are awake, it might be possible that it has equally strong and great impacts on our dreams while we are asleep.

Scents affect our dreams. This belief is termed olfactory dreams. Some people even claim to smell certain scents and kinds of stuff in their dreams. Our dreams can be influenced by olfactory stimuli. The people who claim that they smell kinds of stuff in their dreams might have a highly trained sense of smell. However, linking positive and negative dreams with smell might depend on whether we enjoy that smell or not.

As we know that scents have a strong emotional relationship with the past experiences associated with them, which decides the positive and negative impacts accordingly. And some scents and fragrances are a personal and individual choice that might act as a mood booster. So with this theory, we might come to an opinion that smelling favourite or pleasant scents before sleeping might release positive vibes and may lead to sweet dreams. While on the other hand, smelling unpleasant scents increases the level of stress and might end up in discomfort for which leads to negative dreams.

Smells like vanilla and lavender are so comforting and lowers the stress that it helps in deep and comfortable sleep while smell like rotten eggs or tomatoes will cause discomfort and increases anxiety which therefore affect the quality of sleep and might result in negative dreams.   

Another perception regarding smelling stuff in dreams is that it contains some kind of meaning. People do interpret the smells experienced in dreams. This highly impacts them in both ways positively as well as negatively. 

As there is not much research regarding this topic as well as no one can be 100% sure about the things that happened in the dreams so this claim cannot be fully endorsed but is debatable.


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