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How do I Know if I’m a Witch?

How do I Know if I’m a Witch?

First of all, being a witch has a much deeper meaning than we think, there are many latent witches around, women and men who feel I have a void inside and are unable to fill it in any way.

The religion of nature that has pagan origins, the non-male religion, the religion that brings man and woman to the same level, that respects the universe in its entirety, that receives the divine in its masculine and feminine form in every living being (people , animals and plants), and also finds it in the elements, in the sun, in the moon and in everything that exists in nature.

The witches who were burned at the stake, hanged, literally cut in two by the first Christians of history, were women, men and often children who had the sole fault of worshiping different gods, of blessing themselves dancing under the moon's rays, of knowing crystals and plants and use them to heal people naturally (also because it was the only medicine that existed at the time), to help women give birth and much more. The people who screamed "the witch to death" in the squares on the day each of them was killed, were the same people who in the days before and for years had been helped and treated by them.

To date, I carry on the name of witch mainly in their honor, out of respect for my ancestors who were not saved, those who said “enough! I'm a witch!" In order to stop the horrible and inhuman tortures that the spokesmen of the religion of Christ did to them.

How to understand then, if you too are the great-granddaughter of those witches who were unable to burn?

Let's play this game together, answer these questions and write down how many positive answers you have.

• You love nature, you are fascinated by events such as the rainbow, the sunset, the waves of the sea, the clouds, the phases of the moon, the peace of a forest in the mountains…. and you feel at home when you are surrounded by nature.
• You love animals and have a certain connection with some or all. You seem to be understood by them and in turn you seem to understand them.
• You have a developed sixth sense, it does not always work but often your bad feelings turn out to be true, you understand how people are and you are also empathetic with strangers.
• You strongly believe that everything turns, that everything comes back, karma is a thought that often makes its way into your mind
• you love plants, you are attracted to crystals, tarot cards and divinatory tools in general.
• You wanted to be a witch at some point in your life, attracted to "witches",
• You are a precious and loyal friend

Obviously I wrote in the feminine but everything is aimed at both sexes, like the word WITCH itself that is used for both women and men.

Do you have at least 5 of the 7 points described?

Do you also feel a void that must be filled and are you attracted by the history of the inquisition? Do you feel outraged and hurt thinking about the people killed during that time? Let me know if you are a witch too!


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