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DIY: Black Witches Salt

DIY: Black Witches Salt

Black salt is a mixture of herbs that serves as a protection and complement to white magic rituals.

Also known as witches' salt, it is a preparation used in esoteric rituals to counteract spells and curses. Not to be confused with black salt that is used for cooking in India. Our witch salt is NOT edible.

It is a preparation to work with our rituals and it is an element that should not be missing from any altar.

It is an essential ingredient for purification or energetic cleansing, attracting good luck and keeping low astral spirits away from our home.

There are a variety of ways to prepare it depending on the job for which we need it, but today I will share a simple recipe and the most common that we all must have.


Dried herbs: Thyme, Laurel, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Lemon peel, Mugwort, Thyme, Rue, Black Pepper and coarse or grained Sea Salt. NOTE: All the ingredients are up to our consideration, there is no exact amount for each one, this is where our intuition comes in.

We are going to place the HERBS (without salt or pepper) in a pan which we will use only for our magic works. We are going to let them burn completely but with the MINIMUM flame of fire, until they are completely black.

I recommend you open doors and windows and that it is ventilated because it will make a lot of smoke. You can also help yourself with Palo Santo (in steel or shavings so that it has more power and they burn faster.)

Once they are completely burned (charred) place them in a mortar, now add the salt and pepper. Concentrate, visualize, and intent while mashing the ingredients to a black powder. Then you can pass them through a coffee grinder (if you have one) or a grinder so that the powder that remains is finer.

Consecrate the black salt with the prayer of your choice or make a cross as if you crossed the preparation to give it more power.

Now you are going to keep your Salt in a glass jar that you have cleaned physically (soap and water) and spiritually (with incense, palo santo, salt water, etc.)

As a final warning I would like to ask for caution when using this salt, do not rely on its "simplicity" as it can be a very powerful weapon if done correctly.

I ADVISE YOU that if you use it as a protective amulet, change it from time to time since it tends to absorb all the negative very quickly. When you change it throw that salt.

A pinch in each corner of the room before tracing the magic circle in our rituals drives away negative energies and enhances the protection of the circle. You can also trace the circle with this salt. · Cleans, purifies and enhances other magical tools of daily use in spells or rituals such as amulets, sigils, candles, stones, gems, wands etc. · Replace normal salt with black salt in your spells. · It is used in the creation of witch bottles.

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