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Cleanse and Protect your Home

Cleanse and Protect your Home

The surest way to make sure you live in an environment that is protected and well protected from negative influences of all kinds is to create a “multi-layered” barrier. We will therefore start from the outside of the building and then concentrate on the doors and access routes inside and we will end up with the protection of the apartment. 

The Protection Circle is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods for delimiting a sacred and protected area. So let's take a bowl (or any small and practical container - possibly consecrated) and fill it with coarse salt to which we can add chopped herbs. The book recommends some traditional plants (laurel, agrimony, rue, sage, mint) and others that are more "modern" and more typical of metropolitan environments (bindweed, mullein or oak leaves). Other sources suggest that it is also possible to use angelica, anise, basil, chamomile, coriander, cumin, dandelion, garlic, hyssop, mistletoe, mandrake, thyme, valerian and several other plants, leaves, fruits and flowers for this purpose as well as pepper (white or black), chopped chili, cornmeal or crumbled cereals (such as corn flakes you eat for breakfast). Also, you can add frankincense or resin pieces of myrrh, copal, frankincense and benzoin.

To protect your home more effectively, pass the mixture of salt and herbs in front of the entrance door, under the doormat and draw the symbol of protection you have chosen or created on the door itself (the Othila Rune is excellent for this purpose). Inside the door you can hang an object with "standard" apotropaic properties that does not attract the attention of any guests too much (a red croissant or a dream catcher, for example). Also in this case, remember that loading and personally consecrating the tools increases their effectiveness and "marks" them with your energy signature.

Each access point (windows, doors and French windows opening onto any balconies or terraces) can be "controlled" by hanging small objects in the shape of an eye (such as the Eye of Horus that we have already seen in the list of symbols protective). We can "block" negative external influences by placing quartz crystals on all these inputs to the outside that we will be careful to purify and consecrate previously. Another excellent idea (which does not attract too much attention, if the pun is allowed) is to use, for the same purpose, Chinese mirrors called Ba Gua, used in Feng-Shui, with the reflective part exposed towards the 'external. 

Finally, the bedroom may need an additional "layer" of defense. Hanging a second Dreamcatcher above the headboard is always a great idea, as is creating additional "Mojo Bags" to hide under the mattress, between the slats or the mesh of the bed base. 

These operations can be repeated periodically to strengthen the defenses but, especially as regards the home and the room in which we practice, if we are used to having good astral hygiene, performing our banishing rites and paying attention to the energies we invoke and that we use during the rituals, this reinforcement can take place even after several years. Anyone wishing to feel safe and not have the slightest doubt about the validity and effectiveness of their protections, can repeat the whole procedure once a year, possibly during the spring equinox.


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